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Bespoke Trip Planning

Scotland is well-known for it's mountainous scenery. But we also have many other delights, such as small fishing villages with cobbled streets and excellent seafood. Add to this our plentiful ancient stone-built sites as well and there is something new to explore every day.

For several years I have worked as an Adventure Guide in the Highlands of Scotland, crossing the country from North to South & East to West. This has given me a great deal of pleasure and an intimate knowledge of our road networks, fantastic things to see, the busy places and locations offering life at a more tranquil pace.

One of the things that often surprises visitors from overseas is how long a car journey can take. Some of our roads in the North and West are single-track, which are fun to drive but take quite a while to negotiate. Mapping software may tell you that A to B is the fastest route, but what it can't tell you is which is more scenic, which has the hidden gem of a restaurant or the best local pub.

Allow me to share with you the pick of the best cosy hotels, spa hotels, friendly B&B's or campsites. What makes a good trip into a great trip? Knowing you've seen, tasted, heard and felt the best that each region has to offer.

If you'd like to discuss planning your trip to Scotland, why not get in touch? I'll do my very best to advise on what there is to see and if it’s outwith my area of expertise, I'll let you know straight away.

I cannot book hotels or events for you as this is an advisory service only, but of course will offer suggestions and guidance based on personal experience. Feel confident in booking this service, knowing that Hike Highlands has no affiliate links with any of the recommended accommodation providers, restaurants or cafes. This allows us to provide honest and fair advice.


If you have a general idea of where you'd like to go, or things you'd like to see but don’t have the time to plan a full itinerary, I can help.

Full itinerary planning £295:00

For more information and to discuss your options, please contact me here.